What's it like to coach with me?

My approach to hiring and recruiting is counterculture, which can make people feel a bit uncomfortable at first. (And that’s a good thing!) We’re conditioned with beliefs about resumes, interviewing, cover lettersthe whole process. Not only is that information dated but it’s also drenched with bias and stigma. It’s stopping candidates from being their amazing selves in this job market.

I’m going to help you break out of this stifling box and remind you …

… who you are and what you’re made of

… that you CAN ask for what you want in this job market

… that you can HAVE what you want

I carry an action-oriented, solution driven attitude and foster an empathetic, judgement-free environment.

Let me share with you all that I’ve learned. Let’s grow together. Let’s innovate. Let’s change the world of hiring.

Ways to get coached ...