Introducing Guidance-ish!


I want to do something a little different in this space. 

What if I told you I’ll answer any question you have on hiring (or recruiting)—what would you ask me? 

We ALL have questions about hiring. Point. Blank. Period.

It doesn’t matter which side of the table we’re sitting at during an interview. It doesn’t matter how experienced we are. It doesn’t matter what age we are.  

You can easily Google a hiring question: for example, “Can my resume be more than a page?” 

You’ll find plenty of results each giving you a general consensus. Something like, “Keep it to a page or a page-and-a-half at most. Recruiters are busy!”

When, in truth, the answer is “It depends.” 

I thrive in the “It depends” realm. 

I’ve spent my 15-year-span, full spectrum recruiting career helping candidates, hiring managers, fellow recruiters, recent grads, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, the tired-of-this-dead-end-job folks, and many others navigate the gray area in hiring. 

In my book, one-size does not fit all.

This is especially true in the world of hiring.

And this newsletter is dedicated to its complexities.

So welcome! 

Use this form (This one right here!) to ask me any hiring questions. 

Each week, I’ll dedicate the newsletter to answering a question. I’ll take into consideration the context you provided. You’ll get an honest, specific, thoughtful answer from an experienced recruiter.

Great, right? Part discussion, part advice column, and fully committed to dealing with the nuances in hiring that Google can’t.

Whether your question is answered or not, everyone learns something by gaining new insight!

Share this form with a friend, a co-worker, a loved one, or anyone with hiring questions. 

Sound fun?

My hope is that this is an oasis for a dynamic, holistic discussion around recruiting and hiring for everyone.

Let’s do this!

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Signing off,

Sylvia Torres



Whether you’re a candidate, hiring manager, recruiter, mom, recent grad, seasoned employee, you likely have questions about hiring that Google can’t answer. Every week, I’ll be answering a question around hiring and career-ing submitted by folks just like you!

How to Get Answers From Sylvia: Send questions for publication here.

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