SPANG is teaching the next wave of recruiters and helping current recruiters build their skillset. As a recruiter, you can …

Connect people with their dream jobs.
Work with companies that align with your values.
Join a dynamic industry that's always changing.

You’re smart, resourceful, good with people, have a keen sense of judgment and a work ethic that’s undeniable.

You have the makings of an excellent Recruiter!



You want to become a freelance recruiter. You’re excited about making money, doing something you love, and being in control of your time. But you know nothing about recruiting and are unsure where to start. This course will teach you the fundamentals of recruiting – whether you’re new to freelancing and have never recruited before, or you’ve done it before and want to learn how to do it better.

1. Apply a foundational yet strategic full-cycle recruiting methodology
2. Easy-to-understand lessons that include examples, templates, and actionable strategies.
3. No Recruiting Experience? No Problem.


I was recruited into recruiting during my last year of college. I was a full-time student, with a full-time job as an Executive Assistant, as well as a full-time mom to an 8 year old. I had zero margin for error! I also had zero idea what a recruiter even was at that stage of my life.

Something inside me told me to take the chance, so I took a blind leap of faith and quit my job to learn this new skill. Little did I know, at the time, that the skill of recruiting would prove to be more valuable than my college degree. 

15 years as a Recruiter has taught me a whole heck of a lot. And the one thing that blossomed from the multitude clients I’ve worked with is a juicy recruiting recipe that has proved successful in hiring even the most difficult of positions.

And now I’m teaching this recruiting recipe, my personal philosophies, and all of the secrets I’ve gathered to create a wildly successful freelance career with YOU!