You’ve been climbing the corporate ladder and want to step into a senior-level role. Imagine a world where you are making more and making a bigger impact. And there’s someone by your side helping guide you along the way, holding you accountable so that you get there faster and easier than ever before.

Audacious Career Coaching is three-to-six month* luxe career coaching with Sylvia Torres. You’ll get customized-to-you career and mindset coaching through the demands of the senior-level application process, salary negotiation strategies, personalized job search strategy for you based on your career trajectory and goals, and much much more.

What's a Career Assessment?

This is a 30-minute complimentary call between you and Sylvia to assess if Audacious Executive Career Coaching is right for you. You’ll talk a bit about where you’re at in your career and see if we’re a good fit together.

Nurture your confidence.
Command attention.
Uplevel your impact.
Land that senior-level job!

Landing senior and executive-level roles is not the same as landing just any job. You know that better than anyone! You’ve come very far in your career all on your own. With all your accomplishments, brilliance, and drive, even the path from mid level to senior level seems wrapped in mystery.

Perhaps you tried to search and apply for a senior-level role yourself without much luck. You’ve checked countless career advice forums. For every awesome piece of advice given, there were pieces of terrible advice (and maybe a few internet trolls).

Truth is: you don’t want to take this next step in your career alone. Perhaps you:

… don’t know where to start
… hit a glass ceiling in your career, and you’re frustrated.
… lack the tools and resources necessary to make it happen.
… are hesitant, unsure of what you’ll need to do to reach next level

You don’t have to do it alone! This process can be overwhelming and it’s often hard to sort through the information overload. Even those with a direct line to the “right” resources, find this process challenging. Having landed senior-level positions herself and recruited for these roles, Sylvia Torres understands this process better than anyone.

Get real, consistent and customized-to-you career coaching around landing a senior-level role. There’s no frustrating guessing games, no cutting corners or tricks that lead you down a rabbit hole.

Curious what it would be like to work together? Let’s chat about if coaching would be a good fit for your needs and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

What's included?

Audacious Career Coaching with Sylvia is tailored so that you land a senior-level role in YOUR industry. She’ll be with you from start to finish—from search to acceptance!

  • Audit of your career trajectory, resume, cover letter, and interview skills
  • Mock-interviews and interview coaching
  • Resume writing
  • Cover Letter writing
  • Support in understanding test tasks
  • Personalized job search strategy
  • Access to Sylvia’s personal network
  • Salary negotiation strategies
  • Career and mindset coaching
  • Coaching around job offer decisions
Sound good to you?